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Evita: (London Concept Cast Recording)

01 Cinema in Buenos Aires, 26 July 1952    
02 Requiem for Evita/Oh What A Circus    
03 On This Night Of A Thousand Stars    
04 Buenos Aires    
05 Goodnight and Thank You    
06 The Lady's Got Poetntial    
07 Charity Concert/I'd Be Suprisingly Good For You    
08 Another Suitcase In Another Hall    
09 Dangerous Jade    
10 A New Argentina    

DISC 2    
01 On the Balcony of the Casa Rosada/Don't Cry For Me Argentina    
02 High flying, Adored    
03 Rainbow High    
04 The Actress Hasn't Learned The Lined (You'd Like to Hear)    
05 And The Money Kept Rolling (In And Out)    
06 Santa Evita    
07 Waltz For Eva And Che    
08 She Is A Diamond    
09 Dice Are Rolling/Eva's Sonnet    
10 Eva's Final Broadcast    
11 The Second Attack/Final Battle    
12 Montage    
13 Lament    
Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber. Lyrics: Tim Rice. Label: MCA. © 1976.

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