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Q. Is Colm Wilkinson Irish or Canadian?

Colm was born outside of Dublin in Drimnagh, Ireland but has lived in Toronto, Canada for over thirteen years.
Q. Was Colm or Michael Crawford the original Phantom of the Opera?

Colm performed Phantom of the Opera in July 1985 at Sydmonton, UK. at the request of Andrew Lloyd Webber.It was the first time Phantom of the Opera was ever performed and Colm was asked by ALW to star in the show. Colm was already under contract to do Les Miserables but he did originate the POTO role in Toronto, Canada
1989. ALW then contacted Michael Crawford for POTO.

Q. Is Colm’s new C.D. available yet?

Yes! You can buy it here.It is a terrific album that includes three songs that Colm wrote and one that his son Aaron wrote. It has a great combination of some old blues and jazz songs as well as several contemporary numbers.
Q. Who does Colm credit for helping to shape his musical style?

Colm's major musical hero is Ray Charles, but he was also influenced by Chuck Berry, Van Morrison, Muddy Waters,Giacomo Puccini and many others. Colm also credits hisfamily as being a big part of his musical background. His parents and all his 9 siblings were musical.
Q Has Colm had any formal musical schooling?

No. Colm has cultivated his voice through hard work on stages all over the world.
Q. Of the roles that Colm performs which one does he feel most close to?

Someone once said that Colm was born to play Jean Valjean and Colm has agreed with that statement.
Q. Can we hope Colm will ever perform on Broadway again?

Well, one never knows! We do know he is performing a concert in Toronto at Roy Thompson Hall on February 28th! Tickets are available here.
Q. There are rumors that Colm has been asked to close out Les Mis on Broadway. Is there any truth to those rumors?

Colm has been asked by Cameron Mackintosh to close out Les Mis although Colm has not yet agreed to perform.

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